The broadcast of 12 July

What should happen after the allowance blunders?

Thousands of people have incorrectly stopped childcare allowance. Perhaps the group of victims is even larger than expected, said State Secretary Menno Snel on Tuesday. Hundreds of families have been treated as potential fraudsters by the tax authorities for too long and many have encountered financial problems. Snel already acknowledged that the Tax Authorities had acted “improperly” and that stopping the allowances was unlawful.

Political clarifier Arjan Noorlander speaks State Secretary Snel extensively on the issue.

The Netherlands is considering sending frigate to Iran

The cabinet is considering sending a frigate to the troubled Strait of Hormuz near Iran, as a contribution to an international naval force. The reason for this is a request from the US Secretary of Defense, made two weeks ago at a meeting of NATO defense ministers. The cabinet wants to make a decision mid-August. What can the Netherlands mean in the area and what are the risks?

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