The broadcast of April 13

The climate rate of the VVD

Today the party held a climate meeting and the VVD minister for Economic Affairs and Climate, Eric Wiebes, opts for the reasonable middle. That while the VVD is divided over the course of the party, regarding the climate. A large part of the party's followers would find the current policy too green and lack a right-wing tone. Is the party moving in the middle despite concerns from the supporters?

Political reporter for Nieuwsuur, Nynke de Zoeten, gives an explanation in the studio tonight.

The North Sea is changing into a construction site for wind turbines

It seems to be the way for the Netherlands to catch up with the production of clean energy. Enormous wind farms are now emerging off the coast of Zeeland, North and South Holland and above the Wadden Islands. Neighboring countries of the Netherlands started this much earlier. The leader is the United Kingdom, which is now building the largest wind farm in the world.

News hour went to see how the North Sea is changing. And tonight we talk in the studio with energy expert Jasper Vis.

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