The broadcast of February 28th

Closed youth care at 'lack of better'

New research by Leiden University shows that children are regularly placed in closed youth care, not because that is best for them, but because other appropriate youth help is lacking. As a result, children are locked up longer than necessary. Maria de Jong-de Kruyff analyzed 586 judgments and will be awarded a PhD for her research next week. She advocates a halving of closed youth care.

In the past months, Nieuwsuur reported several times about the problems of closed youth care. There are children with overweight problems (eating disorders, depression, self-mutilation, loverboy problems) who get too little appropriate care and the number of suicides and suicide attempts is high. Employees get exhausted and burned out. Tonight we speak juvenile judge Susanne Tempel.

Is iron burning the new clean energy?

The idea is still young, because yesterday launched by a group of 23 students, but now big companies are jumping for it. They see a future in the plan to burn iron grains en masse, since it produces a lot of energy without emitting CO2. “Metal power” the students call it.

Nieuwsuur speaks to the students and the professor behind the plan.

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