The broadcast of November 9

The climate could have been saved in Noordwijk

We are heading for three degrees of global warming, with potentially catastrophic consequences. That could have been prevented if one crucial night of international negotiation in a hotel in Noordwijk, thirty years ago, had been successfully completed. At least that's what stakeholders and experts say. Nieuwsuur spoke among others with the then environment minister Ed Nijpels and with William Reilly, then environment minister of the US.

Watch the forgotten story of the climate conference in Noordwijk aan Zee in this video:

Members CDA and D66 come together

Government parties CDA and D66 are holding their party conferences today. These are undoubtedly mainly about farmers, nitrogen and climate measures. Under pressure from the nitrogen crisis, the coalition will have to demand sacrifices from agriculture and animal husbandry, and it seems that especially the CDA conference is going to be exciting: farmers are increasingly expressing criticism of the 'peasant party'. MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik further intensified the discussion by threatening to leave the CDA if the party “dropped the farmers.”

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