'The government must interfere much more actively with missing minor asylum seekers'

Sixty Vietnamese asylum seekers have disappeared under dubious circumstances. They fall under the responsibility of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and the Dutch state has custody. Still, nothing seems to happen to the disappearance of underage Vietnamese from protected centers for asylum seekers.

“There are enough indications that those children are susceptible to exploitation situations,” says Herman Bolhaar, National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings. He wants an in-depth investigation into the disappearances. The problem was spotted for the first time last year, but research into what exactly happens to them, where they stay and who is behind the disappearances does not end up.

“No offenses”

In a response, State Secretary Harbers refers to the answers he gave to parliamentary questions on this subject in December. He then said that there is currently no information known to implementing organizations on a smuggling network involved in the disappearance of minor Vietnamese migrants. According to him, previous investigations into this have not revealed any criminal offenses.

According to Bolhaar, State Secretary Harbers of Foreign Affairs must interfere much more actively with it. “Matters that concern children in such vulnerable situations, that requires an active protection role from the government. That means that as a government you go for it.”

“I think the government should be much more involved than it is now. I expect this to be a top priority, in terms of protecting the weakest ones. And not just protecting victims, but behind the perpetrators go on. “

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