The “rude” climate advocates face Rugy

“Ras-le-bol”, “courage”, “pass from blah blah to acts”: dozens of signatories of the petition for a recourse against the State for “climate inaction” Wednesday heard the “voice of climate “in front of François de Rugy.

“We know what to do, but when do we start?” Says Sarah, 26, one of the more than 2.1 million signatories of the century affair.

Under the ovation of 175 signatories invited to the ministry to dialogue with the Minister of the Ecological Transition and its secretaries of state, the young woman shines its 14 priority claims.

We must “declare the state of emergency climate is now, it's not tomorrow, it's not in 10 years,” she insists, before discussing the inclusion of climate in the Constitution or the creation of a crime of ecocide (destruction of an ecosystem).

Encouraged by François de Rugy to express their opinions and their proposals “so that the voice of the climate can be expressed”, the rather young participants do not deprive themselves.

Everything goes: transport, energy renovation of buildings, development of organic agriculture, renewable energy, recycling … They review all areas in which they believe the government is not doing enough to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse.

“You explain that you are already doing a lot, that France is better than many others, but this government seems to be satisfied with small steps,” denounces a young woman.

“Stop lying to yourself and lie to yourself”, we are not up to the stakes (..) It's time to move from blah blah to deeds “for future generations” who will demand accountability “, adds she.

While the crisis of “yellow vests” sometimes opposed “end of the world” and “end of the month”, Céline, a volunteer at ATD Fourth World, underlines for its part the vulnerability of people in great precariousness to the impacts of climate change, as the heat waves.

“The most precarious ask you to change course, taking into account the most fragile, it is the whole of society that will benefit,” she adds, the voice full of emotion.

– “Faster, stronger” –

“You have 2 million people behind you today, maybe for once you have the means to be ambitious”, calls another signatory.

“If it is not you, who will have the courage to lead this inflection, will you leave it to the governments that will follow, to us the citizens, or even worse to the youngest in this room?”

“It's a long-term action, for me it's not the opposition between small steps and big steps (…) We are engaged in a cross-country race”, replies François de Rugy, rejecting the accusations calling this debate a “communication operation”.

“The goal is not to convince you one by one,” he insists, defending the action of the government.

“As for courage, you will judge us on the acts,” says Secretary of State Emmanuelle Wargon. “But I can testify to the motivation and the sincerity (of the ministerial teams), the people here, they believe in it”.

“The more you tell us + faster, stronger +, the more you are armed in the dialogue with everyone, with our colleagues in the government, with parliamentarians, with companies,” she adds.

The four NGOs (Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Greenpeace France, Our Affair to All and Oxfam France) who initiated the petition had sent a request in December to the government, accusing the state of “faulty failure” by its “faulty action”. “to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Disappointed by the government's response to the accusation of inaction, they announced that they would file their appeal in the Paris Administrative Court on 14 March.

This disappointment was shared Wednesday night by some signatories present at the ministry. “Do not be fooled, they lie to you,” says Martin Bonis, Parisian activist, leaving the room before the end.

After more than two hours of debate, a few others get up, each saying the same words: “I'm not fooled”.

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