The search continues: Next rejection: Heil does not want to run for SPD presidency

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil does not want to apply for the post of SPD chairman. “I do not intend to run for office – but I know who I want,” Heil told the editorial network Germany.

The minister did not comment on his favorite. But he made it clear that the new party leader or the new party leader needed “responsibility, passion and a sense of proportion”. Heil added: “In the election of the chairman, personal and programmatic questions can not be separated – to believe that would be naive.” He wanted a party leadership that would lead the SPD forward and not to the margins. “We have to bring stability into the party for now and solve problems in government responsibility.” Hopefully, this will succeed in a timely manner, Heil.

After the resignation of Andrea Nahles, the SPD is provisionally led by a trio of deputy party leaders. Heil had been traded in party circles as a possible Nahles successor.

The acting SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf M├╝tzenich assumes that the Nahles succession will be decided by a primary vote. The mood was appropriate, said M├╝tzenich in the “interview of the week” of the Germany radio. This also shows the feedback from many party members in social media. With a view to a possible double point, the head of the parliament did not want to commit himself: “I would like to focus on people, on teams that then emerge.”

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