They don't have the luxury of retiring: “Until I die”

It seems like the most natural thing in the world: after a lifetime of work you can retire. But for just under 300,000 Dutch people this is not true: they continue to work. Sometimes they do this because it is nice, but sometimes also out of pure financial need.

“My last day at work? Well, then they have to carry me a bit,” says Walter de Rooy (69) resolutely. Stopping working is not an option for him. The horeca man of origin has always been able to make a good living from his earnings, but as a self-employed person he has never saved for his retirement.

We have lived

Now he is living on his AOW and the income as a call center employee. He found that job through employment agency Doorwerkgever, specialized in jobs for pensioners. The extra money that De Rooy earns with his part-time job is desperately needed to support his two young children, left over from his second marriage. He hardly spends anything on himself.

“Sometimes I think sometimes, damn it, I used to throw a little more aside. But yes, we did live.” He was able to do what he wanted for years. “And now I just have to take a step back.” He alone. Because he does not save on his children. “I do everything for them. Although I will only eat bread for a week, I don't care.”

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