Timothy came up with the 3D baby scan: measuring new style babies

Timothy's baby scanner originates from Create4care, a collaboration project of Erasmus MC and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. At Create4care, students work on solutions to problems encountered by nurses in their daily practice.

Ronald van Gils, Timothy's supervisor, oversees more projects that try to offer solutions: “We hope that in five years one of the solutions will be so far developed that it can be produced in real life.”

Not just nice for babies

They are also enthusiastic about the idea outside Rotterdam. Professor Zimmerman, neonatologist at the Maastricht UMC sees the benefits of the new measurement method:

“The way we now measure the babies is actually careless. If this scanner can really be used, it is not only better for the babies and the nurses, but we also have more accurate data. With that we can scientifically connect more conclusions to the growth of the babies. “

Something still needs to be done before Timothy's scanner can actually be used, but he has good hopes for the future: “They offered me a job at Erasmus MC, so the chance that you will have my scanner on Intensive Care in a few years' time department, is certainly present. “

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