Towards a dismissal procedure for Trump?

US Congressional Democrats took another step toward the possible opening of a Donald Trump impeachment procedure, an option that still divides the opposition into just over a year of presidential elections.

The powerful Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, in the hands of Democrats, should formalize Thursday the opening of an investigation to determine whether to initiate an impeachment proceedings against the President, said Monday his President Jerry Nadler.

The commission, which has already been conducting investigations for several months on Donald Trump, will for the first time blacklist these investigations in the legal framework planned to dismiss a president.

Its members will vote on a resolution that clarifies the “procedures” to follow in order to “determine whether to recommend a dismissal vote against President Donald Trump”.

According to Jerry Nadler, the parliamentary inquiry will have a wide field.

It will first focus on Donald Trump's pressure to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign to determine whether he has been guilty of obstructing justice.

The commission will also look into the possible conflict of interest related to Donald Trump's hotels and properties since he entered the White House.

Finally, she will look into paying money to buy the silence of Donald Trump's alleged mistresses during the 2016 campaign, which could be a violation of campaign finance laws.

For months, the Democrats have questioned the desirability of launching an impeachment procedure, knowing that the Republican majority in the Senate almost certainly condemns it to failure.

The leader of the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, remains reluctant to this idea for fear that the discussions in Congress will conceal the substantive debates of the campaign for 2020.

The camp of those who support the launch of this procedure continues to grow, however, and since this summer, the majority of elected representatives in the lower house have rallied.

At the same time, Democratic parliamentarians opened a new front against the Trump administration on Monday by announcing the opening of an investigation into suspicions of pressure on Ukraine by the White House.

They suspect Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani of insisting that this country provide evidence against the son of the favorite at the Democratic primary Joe Biden who has long had interests in a Ukrainian gas company.

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