Trump: “crook”, “racist” and “cheater” according to his ex-lawyer

Smiling, apparently relaxed, Michael Cohen arrived early at the Capitol, seat of the Congress, where his public hearing before the House of Representatives inquiry will begin at 10:00 (15:00 GMT). Relayed around the world, his hearing will focus on the private affairs of the American president and his ties with Russia, which could have influenced his election in 2016. Long twenty pages, his statement, published before the hearing, draws a devastating portrait businessman, 45th president of the United States, for whom Michael Cohen, 52, began working in 2007.

Michael Cohen will call the president “racist” and “crook”, who knew in advance the revelations of WikiLeaks rival Hillary Clinton, and wanted to smother, in the middle of the presidential campaign, an extramarital affair. He will also explain how he was instructed by his former boss to lie about a real estate project in Russia during the 2016 campaign. “We wondered if I knew of any direct evidence showing that Mr. Trump, or his campaign team had plotted with Russia, I do not have any, I want to be clear, but I have suspicions, “said Michael Cohen in his opening remarks.

“He was lying to the Americans”

On Wednesday, in front of the cameras, members of the House's inquiry committee (which includes the left wing and ultra-media figures of the Democratic party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib) should ask him about finances of the Trump Organization, for which he worked for ten years, the promoter's tax returns, the doubtful accounts of his foundation and a construction project in Moscow in 2016.

He will also discuss the 280,000 dollars he paid during the two-woman campaign, former pornographic actress Stormy Daniels and playmate Karen McDougal, to buy their silence on their supposed links with the billionaire. Michael Cohen will present the parliamentarians with “a copy of the check” which, according to him, comes from Donald Trump's personal account and that the latter signed after becoming president in January 2017, to repay the payment to Stormy Daniels.

The former lawyer will also say that “during conversations we had during the campaign, while I was negotiating in Russia for him, he looked me in the eye and told me that there was no project in Russia then went out and lied to the Americans by repeating the same thing “. “In his own way, he told me to lie,” he said.

On the subject of racism, Michael Cohen will say that Donald Trump “is much worse” than he has shown. “Once, he asked me if I could name a country run by a black person who is not a 'shitty country.' At the time Barack Obama was president of the United States.”

A possible beginning of procedureimpreachment

Early in the morning, Jackie Speier, a Democrat sitting on the inquiry, said the word “impeachement” in an interview on NPR public radio, saying that if her testimony was “as explosive as the seems “, this could provide the basis for the” beginning of impeachment “of the President.

Since Tuesday and a first hearing, the White House and Donald Trump himself, traveling to Vietnam for his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, attack the credibility of the former lawyer, sentenced in December to three years in prison for tax evasion, perjury and violation of the electoral code. He will be incarcerated on May 6th. “Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately),” tweeted Donald Trump on Wednesday. “He's lying to reduce his prison sentence,” he accused. According to CNN, Donald Trump should watch the audition of his former faithful right hand man between the negotiations in Hanoi.

Thursday, Michael Cohen will testify, behind closed doors, before the Committee of the Intelligence of the House to speak about the contacts between the Trump team and Russians during the campaign of 2016 and a possible collusion to beat Hillary Clinton that the republican president and Moscow deny firmly.

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