Trump does not panic against the “stupid” ambassador

Stabbed on Tuesday, Donald Trump on Tuesday continued his attacks on the British ambassador in Washington, described as “stupid” and foolish pretentious “in a verbal escalation that puts the special relationship between the two countries to the test.

The US president had initially reacted with restraint to the publication on Saturday in the press of diplomatic cables in which the diplomat, Kim Darroch, painted the unflattering portrait of an erratic president at the head of a chaotic White House.

“A very stupid guy”

But the tone has changed. And the tensions between the Republican billionaire and Prime Minister Theresa May, on the departure, do not seem to be about to subside, at a time when the United Kingdom is preparing – in pain – in the post-Brexit. “The strange ambassador that the United Kingdom has given to the United States is not a person who wraps us up, a very stupid guy,” tweeted Trump, reiterating his attacks on the British leader.

“I told Theresa May how to make an agreement, but she did it in her ridiculous way – unable to do it – a disaster!” On Monday, he had assured that his teams would have “no contact” with the British diplomat stationed in the US federal capital since January 2016. “Sir Kim Darroch still has the full support of the Prime Minister,” Downing immediately retorted. Street.

But the equation is delicate. If the publication of these confidential notes placed Ms. May in embarrassment, immediately recalling the ambassador to London would be interpreted as a sign of weakness in the face of the tempestuous American president's chin.

“Chaos and ferocious struggles”

This diplomatic crisis falls to the worst for the United Kingdom: Brexit is currently scheduled for October 31 and London is loud and clear its willingness to quickly conclude a free trade agreement with Washington to compensate for its exit from the United States. EU.

Last month, during his state visit to the United Kingdom, the US president had dazzled the possibility of an “extraordinary” trade deal with the British ally, while remaining evasive on the calendar. In the diplomatic cables published Saturday night by the Mail on Sunday, the British ambassador notably describes the American president as “unstable” and “incompetent”.

“We do not really think that this administration will become more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less divided, less clumsy and inept diplomatically,” writes Kim Darroch in one of his messages. The ambassador also writes that the information “the chaos and ferocious struggles” that agitate the White House are “for the most part truthful”.

London has announced the opening of an investigation to identify those responsible for this leak, two weeks before the appointment on 23 July of the new head of government in the United Kingdom.

(With AFP)

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