Trump really toughens sanctions against Iran

Donald Trump announced on Wednesday a “substantial” tightening of sanctions against Iran, following Saturday's attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, whose responsibility was blamed by Washington on Tehran. “I have just ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to substantially tighten the sanctions against the Iranian state!” Said the US President on Twitter, without further details.

These sanctions, the nature of which is yet to be detailed, will be in addition to the already unprecedented punitive measures imposed by Washington on Tehran since the Republican billionaire withdrew his country in May 2018 from the Iran nuclear deal, which he considers it insufficient to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring the atomic bomb and destabilizing the Middle East.

“Ready to fight back”

Donald Trump, who has been less categorical than his own ministers in recent days about Iran's responsibility in Saturday's attacks, while confirming that he was the prime suspect, said Sunday he was “ready to fight back “and have many” options “.

The US administration does not rule out military retaliation after what it denounces as an “unprecedented attack” on global oil supplies.

US Chief of Diplomacy Mike Pompeo was expected Wednesday in Jeddah to discuss the response with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

(With AFP)

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