Trump unconsciously unveils part agreement with Mexico

Donald Trump assured Tuesday that part of the immigration agreement with Mexico remained confidential and taunted journalists by waving a page of the document … they were quick to decipher.

“The vast majority of the agreement with Mexico has not yet been revealed,” tweeted in the morning the US president who said he was “very happy” with the outcome of the dealings with his neighbor.

Threatened with the imposition of customs duties, Mexico City pledged Friday night to take several measures to curb the Central American migrants who cross its territory before entering the United States illegally.

Most of these measures, including reinforcements at the border with Guatemala, had been agreed in previous negotiations, however assured the New York Times, minimizing the scope of the agreement.

“I do not know where the Times went to get its story,” retorted Tuesday the Republican billionaire who had already mentioned the previous day a secret clause “very powerful” in the hands of the United States.

“Here is the agreement”

As if to prove it, he took a white paper out of his jacket during an exchange with the press. “Here is the agreement,” he said, before resuming: “No, I'll let Mexico reveal it at the right time.”

But the sheet is legible filigree – illuminated by a bright sun – on the close-ups of the photographers.

It mentions that the United States will take stock of the progress recorded at the southern border “45 calendar days after the signing of the agreement”.

But this provision is not secret. Mexico has already indicated that the agreement provides for a balance sheet after 45 days.

If the flow of illegal immigrants across the country to the United States is not slowed down by then, the agreement can be reviewed, including a reform of Mexican legislation on the right to asylum, have also recognized the Mexican authorities.

“There is everything here, absolutely everything”

The Mexican foreign minister remained elusive about exactly what Mexico had agreed to in the case of insufficient progress in the eyes of the Americans after 45 days. “Mexico is not going to fail, Mexico is open to negotiations if we fail but we will not fail,” Marcelo Ebrard told reporters.

“There is everything here, absolutely everything, there is nothing else that is not in this document,” he also said, denying any secret appendix.

Donald Trump has made the fight against illegal immigration one of the markers of his presidency. But arrests of migrants on the US's southern border, on the order of 20,000 a month when he arrived at the White House, have been steadily increasing since, peaking at more than 140,000 in May.

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