United States: a Republican blocks the vote of a post-disaster aid

Americans suffering natural disasters will have to wait until at least June for the Congress to approve a much-needed $ 19 billion aid that was blocked Friday by a single Republican voice.

After weeks of negotiations and postponements, this compromise text seemed guaranteed to be finally approved on Friday and promulgated by President Donald Trump, thanks to a rare backstage agreement between Republican, Democrat and House leaders. white.

Adopted Thursday in the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, the bill was put to the vote Friday in a House of Representatives almost empty, the vast majority of parliamentarians having left for a week of vacation.

The Democrats, the majority in the lower house, proposed to pass the law by unanimous consent, as planned with the Republicans. But Chip Roy, an elected representative from Texas, opposed it and derailed the approval of the text until, at least, the return to parliament on June 3rd.

“If I do not oppose it, the Congress will pass a law that mobilizes the amount of 19 billion taken from taxpayers without congressional representatives being present,” said the Republican in the Chamber.

The conservative also lamented that the negotiations have eliminated a Republican demand to include billions of dollars to act on the border with Mexico, especially for the reception of migrants.

This aid plan is intended to finance development projects, infrastructure projects, rural assistance projects and prevention programs to prepare for the impact of hurricanes, floods and fires in areas recently hit by floods. such disasters as the Associated Territory of Puerto Rico, California, Florida, or Texas, represented by Mr. Roy in Washington.

“The last-minute sabotage by the House Republicans of a measure strongly supported” by both parties “is an act of political cynicism breathtaking,” responded the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a statement.

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