US Secretary of State meets Merkel for talks on crisis areas in the Middle East

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday in Berlin. Pompeo is catching up with his visit to Germany, originally scheduled for 7 May, which he canceled because of growing tensions between Iran and the United States. Merkel said Pompeo and she had a lot of issues to discuss. “The world is in great turmoil, most notably Iran's questions, how do we prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and how do we prevent other aggressive actions by Iran?” We will talk about Afghanistan, where we both are We will talk about the situation in Syria and of course the very fragile situation in Libya. ” “Germany is an important partner of the US, so I'm happy with Chancellor Merkel over the time I had a good conversation with the Foreign Minister.” Besides Merkel, the US Secretary of State met his German colleague Heiko Maas. Germany had offered to mediate in the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program.

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