Verdriet in Antwerp: 'Belgium lacks an advanced TBS system'

The Belgian police have arrested 39-year-old Steve B., who immediately announced the murder. He would have tried to rape Julie before the murder. According to an uncle of the suspect, Steve B. was sexually abused as a child by a family member.

B. was at liberty, awaiting an appeal for rape. “In this specific case, the judge ruled correctly. If the request comes for immediate arrest, the judge can only use one criterion, that of the risk of withdrawal (escape),” says Mussche.

“Another criterion could obviously also be the risk of recidivism. That the judge could not use this criterion is a gap in the law, and that should be easy to resolve.”


Steve B. had to report regularly, for example to the court, says Mussche. “If he did, the judge had no reason to think that he would withdraw. The judge then tested that correctly in this case. But it is unacceptable that this man has not been screened. to estimate the chance of a repeat offense. “

Belgian media report that it appears that Steve B. has withdrawn from his sentence three times after his first conviction. “Each time he stayed away after a nightlife license. Once his flight lasted seven months,” writes Het Nieuwsblad.

Mussche: “This is a structural problem in Belgium. If something like this happens it should be in the file. You can't blame him, the judge. You can expect the system to put everything into effect to and that has not happened in this case. “

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