Westland city council continues to oppose Islamic school

Article 23

The Islamic foundation, which wants a school in Westland, also perseveres. The director of the Islamic school community Yunus Emre, Abdelsadek Maas, says that the school community already received applications from students from Westland five years ago.

“Because in a general sense we do not like to drag children over great distances, we have said: we can help you with the application for a school in Westland.”

The school did a first online survey to see how many students would register, it showed that there would be around 110 applications. To start the school, 250 students are needed. “But we have a five-year period for that, as the minister agreed,” says Maas.

Zoontjens believes that the incident in Westland clearly illustrates that Article 23, the Fundamental Right to Freedom for Education, should be re-examined. “We are reaching the limits of freedom of education. The support for religion as the basis for a school is constantly decreasing.”

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