When retirement hurts: “The business was my life”

Those who retire must say goodbye. But one farewell is not the other. Sometimes the end of a career is really the end; of the trade or business. Because there is no successor. For example, Eugène Eurlings (69) closes with pain in his heart his furniture store that has been in the family for 104 years.

The store in Voerendaal in Limburg was built by his grandfather and grandmother. But now their grandson is retiring in September and is closing the doors forever. “My father would have preferred to die in armor,” says daughter Maud Eurlings. She worked in the business for 23 years, but wants to do something else.

For Eurlings himself, the turning point came two years ago when he got cancer and was admitted to the hospital. “It is actually the only week in my life in which I have not thought about turnover. Because normally I always asked: did you sell anything? But I had so much pain and so much pain that week. I realized: it is also possible that I never come out again. “

The best choice

And then he didn't want to saddle his daughter with the settlement of the case. “It should not be that Maud will soon get burned out, because her father wants to pursue that hobby so badly.” So, once discharged from the hospital, he cut the knot. The case had to be closed and he retired.

“That decision has been very difficult, but it is the best choice,” says Eurlings. Which does not mean that he is now looking forward to his retirement. “People say, gosh, you're going to enjoy yourself now. But I don't see it that way for a long time. The case was my life. So we'll see.”

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