Why your beer in the pub in the direction of the 3 euros creep

Again the four big breweries have increased the price of their lager. The price for which catering entrepreneurs purchase their tanks and casks rose by an average of 4 percent. And that has consequences for what you pay at the bar or on a terrace for your beer.

A vase of lager still cost an average of 1.28 euros in 2000, this year the price is close to the limit of 3 euros. Many catering entrepreneurs charge that higher price to the customer. They often find that they have no other choice.

About the freedom of choice of catering entrepreneurs has long been a lot to do. There are huge differences in what they have to pay for their lager. A number of them think they are being held in a stranglehold by the breweries with beer contracts that are detrimental to them.

NOS op 3 dives into the above video deeper in the matter of beer contracts and the price of a beer.

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