WODC affair: criminal investigation into sources of Nieuwsuur

'Leaks damages safety feeling'

The criminal investigation currently being conducted is directed against the sources of News Hour who formed the basis for revealing the now recognized abuses within the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Earlier, Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus explicitly guaranteed the House of Representatives that he was not looking for secret journalistic sources. On January 23 last year, Grapperhaus said about those sources: “I can assure you that no research has been done into who this would have been. In any case, that is not the culture I advocate, I want to say that out here say.”

Now, according to the ministry, it is still necessary to trace the sources. The ministry writes in response to questions from News Hour: “Providing such information to third parties is at odds with the integrity that the government must guarantee as a good employer. The leakage of information undermines mutual trust and, in many cases, it also damages the privacy and sense of security of employees or other stakeholders. “

Also a message that appeared on the Intranet of the Ministry of Justice and Security last Tuesday about the criminal investigation, did not say anything about the abuses that were revealed by the 'leaks'. In the message to all officials, the ministry emphasized precisely how harmful leaks by officials are. “Employees only experience a safe working environment if they can be confident that (confidential) information will not end up in the hands of third parties without authorization.”

Furthermore, the Ministry stated in the intranet message that it was a shame that a criminal investigation was 'needed' now: “Such an investigation should not be necessary. As described above, we have possibilities and tools to secure matters that may not be safe to discuss, report and properly investigate. “

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