Zandvoort in one fell swoop the most winding race on the racing calendar

Racing talent Richard Verschoor (18) soon sees no places where you can easily pass an opponent. “I think it can be in two, maybe three places. In turn one, the Tarzan bend, it is still the 'easiest'. But even there it is tight. If you have balls, put it on the inside next to it. There is also a wall there, so that is risky. “

High on the priority list of Jan Lammers, sports director of the GP in Zandvoort, is therefore: to increase the number of catch-up places on the circuit. “That catching up here is not only a given but also a starting point. That is why we have looked at: how can we create a race in which there will be overtaking? I can see that we will be able to do that.”

Lammers refers to the adjustments that are still being made to the circuit. In this way the straight is widened, the last bend is tilted and the chicane wider. In addition, the DRS zone – the zone that is essential for overtaking (see figure below) – starts before the last turn. This should increase the chance of a spectacle in the Tarzan curve.

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